Experience a moment neuromarketing.

Fascinated by human senses and their strength for marketing and business, Philipp Zutt combines neurology, psychology and design for over 20 years. The result: Training that is both entertaining and valuable for daily practice.

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Expert input on marketing and emotions

What effect do products, brands and customer experiences have on our brain? How can your marketing benefit from neurology? – If your aim is to bring your product closer to the inner desires of your customers by systematically navigating their emotions, you can look forward to the following contents:


Introduction to neuromarketing (brain science and marketing)


Neurological principles (the alpha and omega for more effective marketing)


Best and worst practices (learning from other industries)

First strategic design inputs for your brand and employees


Presentations tailored to you and your audience

Whether strategic or operational, whether rookie or pro: Philipp Zutt offers you tailored and fascinating lectures. To help you understand how to connect psychology, marketing and (strategic) design in your business.

Philipp Zutt has been studying the functions of our brain, the effects of emotions and their systematic use for marketing for over 20 years. He is a lecturer for neuromarketing at various universities, author of numerous articles and initiator of the GlobalEmotionsForum. As the managing director and member of the administrative board of ZUTT & PARTNER AG headquartered in the Zurich Oberland, he offers national and international customers professional and scientific advice on matters relating to the emotionalisation of products, brands and customer experiences.

Customer response

«Philipp Zutt is one of the very few real experts in the field of neuromarketing. We are proud to include him time and again in our degree programme because he knows how to convey his knowledge in a way that has amazed our Executive MBA students for years.»

Prof. Dr. Günter Bader, Director of the Institute of Management and Further Education, Chur University of Applied Sciences (FHGR)

«Philipp Zutt’s presentation at our annual meeting at the Victoria-Jungfrau hotel in Interlaken was amusing, highly informative and perfectly tailored to the executive audience of the Swiss beverages industry.»

Ernest Dällenbach, Secretary General of the Swiss beverages industry workgroup, Director of INFOVIN

«WEF stage Davos, 200 bankers, topic “Emotions”: Philipp Zutt explains the latest findings regarding our brain and their significance for our everyday life in an entertaining, practice-oriented and brain-compatible way that makes you want to start implementing his ideas right away.»

Petra Kamer, President of the Bündner Association of Raiffeisen banks

«Philipp Zutt knows how to infect people with the neuromarketing virus. His lectures are highly emotional and have a long-lasting positive effect in everyday life. He is a reliable value for our events every time.»

Dr. oec. Karin Jeker Weber, Lecturer, Initiator of Female Business Seminars, CEO AllAboutMarketing

«Philipp Zutt brings the topic of “emotional goods presentation” to life in his lectures: he bridges the gap between science and retail life in a professional, exciting and action-evoking manner.»

André Waltisberg, Head of Supermarkets / Consumer Markets, Migros Cooperative Society Zurich

«Philipp Zutt combines neuroscience with marketing practices in his keynotes and packages this mixture as an eventful sensory firework in a fascinating way. During the Marketing Tag 19 at the KKL Lucerne, he marked an exciting start and showed the over 900 marketeers how important real sensory impressions are even in a digitalized world. For the people. And thus for brands»

Uwe Tännler, President Swiss Marketing Forum

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