EmoCompass® Advice

The recipe book. For all the senses.


EmoCompass® Advice offers you a great first step for your marketing activities: The full EmoCompass® experience in the most compact and lightweight EmoCompass® package. It shows you how to determine customer emotions with regard to your brand and your existing touchpoints and how to turn them into a new standard in your segment.


Online survey


1 country & 1 language


Existing touchpoints

up to 10 research objects


6 – 10 weeks

Trailblazing the way to your customers’ emotions.

EmoCompass® Advice gets you to your customers’ emotions quickly and easily. You will know exactly which emotions are triggered by your brand and your touchpoints – and by your competitors. You will also know the emotional desires of your customers.

A recipe book that gets you closer to your customers’ emotional desire.

EmoCompass® Advice helps you handle your daily tasks more effectively. Distinguish and differentiate your brand and improve your touchpoints to reach out your customers’ emotional desire.

EmoCompass® Advice is suitable for:

  • Reviewing your campaign
  • Improving your website
  • Improving your App
  • Developing namings
  • Sparring and supervising your packaging concept
  • Always under the inclusion of neuropsychological principles

Ready for any challenge.

«Reinventing the world time and again in the hotly contested FMCG market is challenging. Especially as a brand leader. Whether retail POS, food stall or promotional advertising – ZUTT & PARTNER have opened the door for us to new and effective levels of communication on numerous occasions.»
Flavio Calligaris-Maibach, Commercial Excellence & Marketing Manager, Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland AG


«ZUTT & PARTNER opens the door to completely new, emotionalizing aspects of marketing. Together, we transform neurological principles and insights into concrete development input for our international brand.»
Beat Guhl, CEO and Owner, Sky-Frame AG

«A concept with compelling differentiation was developed on the basis of guest emotions for our four mountain restaurants. It enables us to consistently trigger a uniform instinctive feeling in the guest and to clearly stand apart from the competition.»
Philipp Holenstein, Director Arosa Bergbahnen AG

«The way in which ZUTT & PARTNER links neurological insights with banking trends and best practices from other business segments is unique. Together we were able to set an important corner stone for the realignment of Global Wealth Management»
Claudius Sutter, Managing Director Global Wealth, UBS

«ZUTT & PARTNER have accompanied us for a number of years with regard to the positioning and further development of our brand and the emotionalization of our products for business partners and end customers.
Creative, effective solutions founded on a scientific basis help us as a small structure to progress more quickly.»
Frédéric Gabriel, Chief Strategy Officer, HASELMEIER Drug Delivery. Tailormade.

«Based on scientifically founded emotion profiling, ZUTT & PARTNER has helped us time and again to further develop our 600+ village shops and garage stores. Sales in the pilot stores increased by 5%.»
Ferdinand Hirsig, Chairman of the Executive Board, Volg

You’re holding it in your hands.

Study and study results


Gold Standard
(target emotions)

My brand
(actual emotion)


1 – 2 competitors


Touchpoint 1


Touchpoint 2


Touchpoint 3


Touchpoint 4

Emotional strategy


Gold Standard as the EmoProfile©


Emotional value proposition

Design and action inputs


In writing, moodboards where appropriate

Inclusion of neurological principles


Neurological principles

Presentation at your premises