All your touchpoints. As consistent as a red thread.

Your customer’s emotional experience must be consistent across all touchpoints. This increases the chance that your customer will desire your brand from touchpoint to touchpoint. It is namely a fact that every piece of information leaves tracks in the brain in the form of connections between nerve cells. Like tracks in snow, the more frequently and consistently they are used, the longer they remain available and accessible. ZUTT & PARTNER can help you develop these deep tracks. They lead to an emotional customer experience that customers will want to relive time and again.


Decrypting your customers’ emotions


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Neuromarketing in practice

Gain a piece of neuromarketing knowledge: For the first time, customer emotions are collected and neuropsychologically evaluated with EmoCompass® as part of recent brand and industry comparisons. Strategic recommendations for action, scientific background information and expert opinions complement each study. Browse now and read a free excerpt.

Banken machen viel – zu wenig.

«Emotionen» lautet das Passwort zur Differenzierung im Retailbanking. Den Schweizer Banken ist dies bewusst, aber mit der Umsetzung hapert es noch …

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