Neuromarketing in practice

How a brand can be emotionalized.

In today’s buyer markets, we are all flooded with messages and information. Therefore, and because the products offered are usually absolutely interchangeable one way or another, the customers emotionally opt for (or against) a brand. In the past, it was assumed that the brain would go through a multi-stage evaluation process: a large number of providers would be systematically distilled until only a “relevant set” with a handful of eligible brands remained, from which – again rationally – one would be selected. Today we know from neurologists that our brains do not think in hierarchies and decision trees. Rather, there is a lighthouse brand for every area of life, for each industry, which the brain always thinks of first at the moment of need – just as we usually only remember the winner of a World Cup and the runner-up soon disappears from memory. We call such lighthouse brands “the emotional number one”. And this is also the most important key to success for every company: to be the emotional number one with as many customers as possible – because that is what they will buy. In order to achieve this position, one must know the emotional desire of the customers, and lead with it skilfully in the brand strategy.

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Case: Volg


The Volg brand is to be emotionally charged and thus offer real added value. The new brand core should go far beyond purely rational benefits and be the foundation for the development of all touchpoints.


• Neighbor is emotionally close to the emotional customer desire
• Pictures like “friend” or “acquaintance” profile emotionally in a completely different direction
• D2 moments, such as “surprise” play a role

EmoMap© for Volg brand

EmoMap©: It is not about the top, bottom, left or right –the distances between the individual research objects to the desire (GOLD STANDARD) are decisive. The further the distance between two pins, the more different the sensation.


Case Picture of an Emotional Value Proposition for Volg

Emotionalize your brand too

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