The Business Consultants for Neuromarketing

Neuromarketing for all of your touchpoints. From the study to the recipes to more business.

90% of the decision your potential customers make for or against your brand is emotional. Knowing your customers emotional desires and to exploit them specifically through the whole client experience is therefore worthwhile. Regardless of whether you are selling tangible consumer goods, complex services or calculable investment products.

My Neuromarketing Project.

I want to generate more business with:

Brand Strategy

How can I emotionalize my brand?

Communication & Campaigns

Which image and text world meets the subconscious customer wish?

Digital Apps & Co.

How do I trigger emotions in the digital world?

Product Presentation

How can I make a complex product/theme emotionally tangible?

Experience at the POS

How do I make a visit to a store / branch more valuable and profitable?

Sales & Pricing

How should my offering work so that it leads to more sales?

Sensory &
Product Development

How do I increase the sensory impact of my product?


Which packaging sells my product best?

Client Experience

How can I emotionally charge further touchpoints (e.g. trade fair, event etc.)?